Homeschooled Teens

Homeschooled TeensWhen you contemplate homeschooling through the teen years, are you worried about your children getting into college, making friends, or having a full, rich life? Do questions like these pop up?

Would they miss the various activities associated with adolescence?
Will this choice to homeschool close doors for my teen?
Will I be warping them somehow?
Will they hate me later down the road?

My book, Homeschooled Teens shares my own insights from raising three grown unschoolers plus what I discovered when I asked 75 teens and young adults about being homeschooled through adolescence. (60-70% self-identified as unschoolers or those who “did my own thing!”) I asked questions about their unique learning paths, their social life, their family relationships as well as the advantages they found from the experience. Find out what they’re doing now and what words of advice they have for parents who worry about homeschooling through the teen years.

Whether you’ve homeschooled/unschooled through younger years and doubt your ability to continue through adolescence or your teen is still withering away in school and you’re contemplating options, this book allow you to hear from those who’ve been there!

Read the Fabulous Endorsements from: Pam Laricchia, Peter Gray, Wendy Priesnitz, Pam Sorooshian, Mary Griffith, Pat Farenga, Marty Layne, Wes Beach.

If you have doubts – this is the reassurance you need!


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