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The Homeschooler Post

The Homeschooler Post is an incredible collection of articles. It’s really a learning journal for parents. Our writers invite you to look a little deeper and  explore the why with regards to the learning that is happening with our children. Resources, advice, and inspiration – you’ll find all of what you’re looking for!

The publication was originally a quarterly hard copy magazine. But as times change, we realized we wanted MORE people to see these awesome articles. Our columnists have stayed with us, and you’ll find that new articles are released every week!

Here are some of the columnists and the topics they write about:

Cathy Earle – BrainWaves – the latest on research that pertains to learning
Pam Sorooshian – What About Math? – get over your math anxieties and certainly don’t pass them on to your kids!
Sandra Dodd – Unschooling Around the World – interviews with fascinating unschoolers from…all around the world!
JJ Ross – The News and You – plucked from the headlines!
Michelle Barone – Ask the Homeschool Therapist – thoughtful answers to common struggles
Wes Beach – Teen Time – helpful info for homeschooling your teenager
Michelle Conaway – Getting Tech Savvy – how to work technology into your learning
Jon Bach – DadSpeak – Dad shares his perspective in their first year of homeschooling
Rebecca Rupp – Views and Reviews – book and product reviews
Deb Lewis – John Holt Series – what was his early message about homeschooling?
Roya Dedeaux – Creatively Speaking – art and parenting all mixed together
Diane Kallas and Barbara Alward – The Handwringers – funny and insightfulWe have a different feature in every issue, so there are multiple new writers in every issue. Also, we have ongoing columns where we invite new writers:
Grown Homeschoolers – what was it like and what are they doing now?
Science Matters – awesome ideas about science and why we need it


Read more articles about Unschoolers and Creativity

Learning to Read

Read more articles about Unschooling and Learning to Read

The Homeschooler Magazine

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