unschooling1 Year Anniversary!

Unschooling Mom2Mom has had such a tremendous growth spurt over this past year! What started as a Facebook Page where I shared my unschooling blogposts, inspiring graphics, and other unschooling resources grew into an awesome Facebook Group with a website so full of great links, inspiring words, and helpful people!

Last year, July 2014, as I was preparing to leave to speak at the HSC conference in San Jose, Sylvia Woodman and I were lamenting the lack of social media options for new unschoolers. We wanted something different, something where new unschoolers could bring their fears and questions and get good unschooling advice. We were approaching the new school year, and we already had the sense that there was a growing need.

Real moms with real issues needed somewhere they could get sound unschooling advice that pertained to their family’s struggles.

So, because I love connecting with people – and I can’t help it, I love Facebook too for exactly that reason! – Sylvia and I talked some more about our ideas and BAM! Our new group was created: Unschooling Mom2Mom.

Very experienced and veteran unschooling moms were invited to join us to help each mom as she started out on her quest for information about unschooling. The goal wasn’t to create radical unschoolers out of all of them but simply to help them get solid unschooling information so they could decide what they wanted to embrace for their adventure in home education.

We opened the doors and questions began in August 2014.

Here was our plan:

Ten Tips for participating in Unschooling Mom2Mom:

1.) Each new post must focus on Unschooling and helping people understand how to embrace unschooling more fully in their lives.

2.) Every thread is focused on the one mom who originally posted. Answer her questions from an unschooling perspective or help her move more in an unschooling direction. If you don’t have something new to add to the thread, or if someone said what you wanted to share, let it go without comment.

3.) If, while commenting on someone else’s thread, a question emerges for you, please start another thread so we can help you.

4.) We are not here to focus on exploring ideas, but instead to focus on the mom who is struggling.

5.) Unlike many FB groups, we are not a support group. We are a collection of experienced and veteran unschooling moms willing to share what worked and what didn’t. This is solely a group to get *unschooling* questions answered.

6.) If you would like to share a link or a resource you think unschoolers would like to know about – please share it on our Unschooling Mom2Mom PAGE – more of an announcement style way of communicating here on FB. “Like” this page so you don’t miss out more info.

7.) We are not food experts, religion experts, vaccination experts, diagnoses experts, etc. – please do not debate or defend your position. Find answers to those questions in a more appropriate forum.

8.) If you do not unschool – maybe you’re an eclectic or relaxed homeschooler – please remember that people are asking how to embrace unschooling. Comments with links to curriculum or responses that are not helpful for unschooling will be deleted.

9.) Check your “Other Messages” folder, if you send a new post or are commenting. Moderators may contact you, but many people’s settings send people who are not your FB friends, to your “Other Messages” folder.

10.) If a moderator asks you to start a new thread, or delete a post, please do so without whining at them. Do what you can to help make the group positive and encouraging for new people.

We have six moderators and probably 20 veteran unschooling moms who are offering their time to help with this project. They saw a need too, and are here to provide helpful unschooling answers in the kindest way possible. We ask that everyone be patient with each other, since we’re all aware that finding new ways can be a scary endeavor.  After 5 weeks, 2000 new members joined our group! And by July 2015, we were up to 6000 members!6000members

I created a website to house some of the fabulous information that was being shared freely in the group. www.UnschoolingMom2Mom.com

What’s at the UnschoolingMom2Mom website?

New to Unschooling Information:

Questions about Legality:


Recommended Blogposts

Record Keeping for Unschoolers:

Typical Day:

Getting Into College and/or Getting High School Diploma:http://www.unschoolingmom2mom.com/getting-a-diploma.html

Single Parents/ two Income families:

On a Limited Budget:

Video Games and Television:


Recommended Books/Magazines


Unschoolers Networking

We also created a survey where people could identify themselves as someone available to share information about local resources in various states, countries, provinces, etc. Often, the locals know best as far as dealing with legalities or hoops unschoolers must face in different states. Volunteers are available to help when group members have questions about their area.
(Remember, homeschooling laws vary from state to state)


Unschooling Mom2Mom Group Administrators

Our current moderators volunteer time every day to help keep the group running smoothly:
Jenny Cyphers, Oregon
Meredith Meredith, Tennessee
Pam Sorooshian, California
Jo Isaac, Adelaide, South Australia
Brie Jontry, Alaska
Sue Patterson, Texas


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